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Our services include:

  • Running online and offline campaigns to recruit new members, candidates and officers for clubs, charities, campaign groups and associations (e.g. resident associations, parish councils, etc)
  • Training on web, social media and press management and expert-level training on digital campaigning techniques, including influencer strategies
  • Leaflet design, appraisal and checking
  • Brokerage for leaflet printing and delivery services
  • Recruitment of grassroots activists and people to help get your message out
  • Focus group research to support campaign causes, Associations, MPs and council groups
  • Help with targeting and planning successful campaigns
  • Outsourced campaigns and communications activities across multiple mediums
  • Event planning and logistical support
  • Video production and social media distribution
  • Auditing of club/association processes and policies
  • Internal conflict resolution and mediation
  • Fundraising campaigns and services
  • Payment and data systems
  • Guidance and support with policies, procedures and constitutional issues
  • Website management, appraisal and auditing
  • Content copywriting
  • Casework consultancy and services